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When i'm Sleeping

Only when i'm sleeping
I take the pain and turn it to a cloud
A cloud...
Into me i'm dreaming
Of things that can't be seen and worlds undone
I fall into a place where nothing fits
And hold me down, to taste the sweet of this
Forever missed

Into life, I will wake and I willl wonder
With the weight of my emotions on my back
And the oceans of my soul will colour
Verdant green with envy
For the love between the new sun and the moon

Listen to your words as,
If you had whispered softly to my ear
My ear...
And waiting there we'd sometimes,
Close our eyes and wish the miles away
And there you'd be beside me in my dreams
And hold me down,
To taste the sweet of this
Forever missed



Before we turn to dust, I'll be alone
This strangeness that I feel will lead me home
My wings have burnt to ash
When hope is lost there is no turning back
No turning back...


(c) Elva Music 2009



Verse 1
And he said...
Little girl in your white dress,
Wrinkled by the cold
Have they put a spell on you and,
whisked you away like a paper doll

You don't have to see me
You don't have to know my dreams
You don't have to be there
You don't have to stay forever
Just for a moment...
Stay a moment longer love, I....

Verse 2

So she said...
Little boy with your blue eyes,
Can we ever cry?
Crawl the skin and I can touch your face...
But what's another winter,
when your shattered pinions scream!
Redemptions far and I can't...
Live that life again


Verse 3

Just another moment passed,
since the sun went 'round the moon,
Now i'm an ugly child held within your star spun swoon
I have tried to reach through,
Time and tears and all that's changed
I have tried to reach you
And the winds that call your name...
They keep calling me home to you....


Let me breathe you...

(c) Elva

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