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            Shenzhen Runzhiquan water purifier, water treatment as a high-tech enterprise R & D, drinking water terminal water purification equipment production, sales, customer service in one, is China most innovative, the largest water treatment equipment manufacturers, China water treatment industry's most of the international competitiveness of the enterprise, companies in the filter material, process R & D, portfolio optimization, household, commercial water purification machine production, using ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange technology of three big core, the drinking water problem families and office places the full range of.

            Good quality is a great advantage of the lorik. Lorik is the "household and similar electrical ultrafiltration water purifier", "household and similar use of reverse osmosis water purifier" national standard drafting group members of the unit, was awarded the "Chinese water purifier ten brands", WQA (Water Quality Association member units, American) Membrane Industry Association member units Chinese. Lorik also passed the ISO 9001:2000 international quality management system certification, product by Ping An insurance company, through the authority of the State Department of health, the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Guangdong Provincial Health Inspection Center certification.

            Lorik adhering to the "meticulous worry free customer service" of the service concept, has established the perfect customer files, with each product unique identification code, active tracking detection, life-long maintenance, fully electronic information system management.

            Precise positioning of Lorik to the drinking water problem all-around solution, pursue the core value of brand focus, innovation, details, service concept, forged a deep a unique corporate culture, forming a complete culture system. The team operation efficient unity, speed to win, continuous innovation in the field of water purification, the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction with the quality of water purification products and high quality service and exceed customer expectations, to create more value for customers, employees, society, with enthusiasm, and enterprising spirit, and strive to create world-class brand of water.

            Main products: kitchen water purifier, whole house water purifier ultrafiltration, straight drink machine, pure filter straight drink machine, central water purifier, the central soft water machine, water machine, ordinary commercial water purifiers, water supplies, water purifier filter

            Address: Shenzhen Longgang District Longgang town center Pu Ling Nan Long Industrial Zone 8

            Shenzhen city LORIKE Technology Co., Ltd.